Jesus loves me!

Jesus Loves me this I know

so the children song would go

as adults we oft forget the one not long ago we met

we get caught in our earthly walk

no sign of Him in life or talk

we know it’s wrong and shouldn’t be

so become a child and sing with me

Jesus loves me this I know

His patient Mercy shows me so.

I wrote this little poem several years ago and just recently found it while looking through the stuff I’ve written over the years. It’s very simple, but at least for me, it hit’s home all to often. I love the Lord and am thankful everyday for his patience and Grace, but life has a way of stealing our focus away from Him. We live in a world that is broken, filled with sin, currently ruled by one who hates God and wants to destroy all He has created. That includes you and me, and his tactics are relentless. Chaos, distraction, temptation, lies are all in his arsenal, his barrage of attacks aimed at keeping your focus off the One who Loves you.

I love in the Disney movie UP where the dog is talking quite focused and all the sudden he turns and says “squirrel”. We laugh at how easily a dog can be completely distracted by such a simple thing. We’re no different we just have different squirrels “sports” “mall” “fishing” “shoes” “work” “bills” “relationships” you know what your squirrel is. A lot of times that trigger is our self defense against life and it’s pain and stress. Satan doesn’t care what draws your focus, pleasure or pain, it makes no difference as long as it’s not Jesus. We so easily forget that Jesus is our best and only true defense against all the distractions Satan put’s in our path.

A child believes because to their hearts it makes sense to believe. The Bible says it, so it must be true, cause mommy and daddy say the Bible is true. That’s that end of story, let’s play!! They don’t need grand explanations or undeniable proof, just the comfort from a pure and uncluttered heart that knows there is a God and he loves me.

We are the children of God! Jesus Loves You!! don’t let life steal that from you. Walk with the Lord in all your trials and triumphs. He is your greatest counselor and friend. Don’t forget Him, declare Him in everything you do, and your path will be made so much straighter and the burdens of life so much easier to bare.

Jesus Loves me this I know

He chose to die

to show me so.

GOD is GOOD!!!

The True North Trek

This is a new post I will be doing at least once a week commenting on the Bible as I journey through it on my quest for True North. I will be picking a book and working through it seeing what God has to say to my heart and hopefully yours. I will make it clear I am not a college edumacated theologizer so you might find points that don’t jive with your theology or tradition. Please forgive me, God has. I just believe that God wrote the Bible so that  we could know him better, every word is truth and every word is beneficial. It was written for everyman and meant to be easily understood.

Life is a journey and eternity with God is the destination. Like I explained on my page “What is True North” the Bible is like a map. It was written by and about many people who have taken this journey before us and inspired by the One who is the destination we seek. Why so many people do not get intimate with the direction, inspiration and comfort that is found in this magnificent Book baffles me. If you are one who hasn’t taken the time to read and study this Love letter from God it’s time to start. Spend time daily, you don’t have to read great chunks everytime you sit down, just pick a Book read a chapter and just listen to what God is saying to you. A great place to start is Psalms or maybe one of the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, John). Read a chapter in Proverbs everyday there happens to be 31 of them, fits nicely with most months doesn’t it! I will be working through the Bible here, but please don’t let this be your only source of study.

I think I will be starting with the book of John, mainly because it is my favorite, but also because it is a great introduction to Jesus. John wrote his Gospel to show who Jesus is and that Jesus is God. Jesus is True North our destination and our compass through the wilderness of life. As you study you will find that all truth points to Christ, He is the Gospel, the Good News, without him you are lost, headed in the wrong direction.

So let’s open the map, find our Compass and head out on a magnificent journey to meet with God.

John 1 coming soon!

GOD is GOOD!!!


What is wrong with us?

Stuff like this just blows my mind! What has our country come to that we are this blinded by political correctness?

I don’t necessarily think a marine should be be doing what Sgt Stien is doing. I am no fan of President Obama but he is still the Commander in Chief and as a Marine Sgt Stien probably went over the line. That being said he didn’t kill any people out of his line of duty as a Marine. He is a United States citizen and with that comes a right to have an opinion and freely voice it. From what I have read he is a good soldier who loves his country and has served with honor. Not knowing the intricacies of a Marines oath to serve and the legalities of it all I don’t know if his punishment was appropriate or not. Personally I don’t think he should be kicked out. Good strong discipline and a ” what the H#!% were you thinking” should suffice. Probably an apology to President Obama would be good too. Disagree with him all you want but respect the office.

The thing that really kills me is how out of proportion the discipline and lack of prosecution dealt out to the second serviceman. He killed 14 fellow soldiers and 2 1/2 years later has still not gone to trial and currently is seeking another 8 month delay. In fairness he is not receiving full pay and is incarcerated at this time facing the death penalty if convicted so life is by no means perfect for him. But you listen to the media and he is this poor misunderstood victim who was pushed into this terrible act by a society (The USA) who misunderstood and persecuted his believe system. I do not care what your believe system is Christian, Muslim, atheist or insane if you brutally kill 14 people and injure over 30 others you deserve a very quick trial and immediate justice. I do not have anything against the Muslim religion, I disagree with it, but most Muslims are probably very good people. It’s the fanatic cowards that hide behind the religion that disgust me. Hassan on many occasions stated he follows that way of thinking and even though he was a US soldier he supported the fanatics our men and women are fighting and dying over.

Whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison those 14 dead servicemen deserve justice at least as fast as the decision to destroy a good dedicated Marines military career over poor judgement. This is just one example of how are society has lowered itself to making decisions based on political correctness and not common sense. We cant offend anyone or any people group regardless of the offense. Unfortunately I don’t see things getting better anytime soon.

I’ll close with another politically incorrect statement that proves I’m a bigoted self righteous fanatic myself. Trust God he is our only protection from the insanity. Place your hope in Him and faith in Christ and no matter what direction society flows you will be carried through. Always head True North!!!!!

GOD is GOOD!!!

Comments welcome.

Christian on a Caveman diet?

Most of you have no idea what I am talking about by my title unless you are part of the Paleo Diet crowd. About a year ago I got tired of being fat, out of shape and unhealthy so I made a pretty drastic lifestyle change. My son had mentioned this diet that his fire fighter buddies were doing called the Paleo or Caveman diet. I looked it up and was impressed with the science behind the nutrition and fitness aspect. Unfortunately for me as a Christian it was hard to swallow the evolutionary logic behind their plan. They believe that as man evolved over the past millennia or two our bodies have adjusted to a certain digestive and  exercise process that will keep us in a healthy state. The biggest problem I had with this is I don’t believe we started out as a glop of gue in a primordial puddle of muck, but that’s just my opinion.

Basically what you have after you strip away the evolution nonsense is a very effective low carb high protein diet with an exercise plan that doesn’t do more harm than good to your body. I will share some more specifics about the diet and exercise over the next weeks but for now I want to share how it worked for me. The first thing I did was cut out all breads and dairy and increased my input of protien (fish, chicken, lean red meat, nuts, eggs) and started consuming lots of vebetables and fruits. For the first two months I lost about a pound every two days, yes I lost almost 30 pounds in a little over two months. I attribute that mostly too knocking out the breads and pasta not an easy task, I like my sour dough, but after the first month or so the cravings went away. The dairy was an odd one for me because being raised on a ranch I have always consumed mass quantities of milk. I had no idea that it might be a problem. Within days of no cheese and dairy my stomach, which I’ve always had indigestion and acid reflux, felt 100% better. I had no idea I was lactose intolerant and had been torturing myself for years. Along with the diet I increased my exercise, nothing hard core, but consistant low impact weight training with a little cardio. I can walk to the mail box without being winded Yeah!!! I wasn’t quite that bad but I do feel so much better. I kind of slipped into bad habits over the holidays, who doesn’t, paid the price (started feeling like crap again!) and now I am getting back into a more disciplined routine again.

I work in healthcare, there are alot of people who are way to young to be so unhealthy, I saw what I didn’t want to happen to me so I am doing something about it. There is so much about life that is to important to miss because your unwilling to take care of yourself. Since I have started this diet I have gotten very interested in health and nutrition. I am by no means an expert but I do want to share the things I’ve learned to maybe help someone else change their lifestyle and future for the better.

I don’t believe in the evolutionary explanation behind the Paleo diet, but I do believe our bodies weren’t designed (by GOD) to eat the terrible stuff that makes up today’s standard diet. The science behind how our body processes food still works regardless of your believe system. I hope these posts are interesting if not beneficial to you. Like I said I Love this stuff so if you have specific questions about diet, nutrition or fitness post a comment and I’ll see what I can figure out.

My next post on nutrition will look deeper into why glutten and whole grains are so hard on our digestion and metabolism.

Be Healthy!!!

GOD is GOOD!!!!

More wisdom from an ODG

“A state of mind that sees God in everything is evidence of growth in grace and a thankful heart.” Charles Finney
This kinda of rings of my comments yesterday, God is everywhere, every sight we see every sound we here is testimony of the Grace and Glory of God. God is not hiding from us he is everywhere we just need to acknowledge Him and be thankful for all he has done. There has been many books written about the attributes of God his love, kindness, holiness, His supremacy, His foreknowledge and many others. The two that always have intrigued me is His patience and His Grace. Grace is what I want to talk about today.
Grace is a concept that to most human thinking goes against logic. We as humans are not naturally filled with Grace. You get something because you either earned it or deserved it. It’s not normally in our nature just to give or forgive without a good reason. Don’t get me wrong there are many people who are very gifted in the ability to show Grace but the ones who are truly filled with Grace are also filled with something else “the Holy Spirit”.
Grace has been defined as “God’s unmerited favor” we do not deserve anything from God yet his Grace has given us everything. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was driven by God’s Grace. He new are only hope was in Christ, we needed Christ and deserved death, and yet God’s love and Grace provided salvation.
We do have the ability to be a grace giving people but only by acknowledging the Grace given to us. That state of mind that sees God in everything, every situation, every person (even the annoying ones) will allow you to grow in your ability to show Grace to others. Just remember if you expect anything in return it’s not Grace.
Learn to be Grace filled, so much of who we are as children of God depends on it, love, patience, forgiveness, kindness and so much more. God’s Grace is everywhere and available to anyone. Make sure you are sharing the Grace that was freely given to you!
GOD is GOOD!!!!
Please share comments or questions if you have any!


I know you hear me, But are you listening?

When you look in the thesaurus under the word hear the first synonym listed is listen. If you are a parent, grand parent, boss or teacher you know there is a tremendous difference between the two. Hearing takes very little effort, noise is everywhere, from pleasant to annoying we hear things all day and some times all night long. Listening on the other hand is an active process it takes concentration, you have to acknowledge that what you are hearing is not just noise. We usually make the transition between hearing and listening based on personal benefit, do we gain something from listening, it could be entertainment, knowledge, warning from danger, relaxation, encouragement the list goes on but in some way we listen for our benefit.

I adore my grand children but they are a great example of my point. They will be playing their video games and you can ask them something that is of no great concern of theirs and you might as well be “talking to the hand”. Raise the stakes, some thing fun, sugary or the possibility of a sore behind, and hearing makes that phenomenal transition to listening. Another example is our dog, she is not a real barker, but when she does we usually ignore her because ninety-nine percent of the time she doesn’t even know what she is barking about her self. If my wife is home alone and it’s two in the morning the dogs barking takes on a different meaning, my wife is definitely listening. Why is Holly barking is there a car in the drive, is the dog just dreaming, does she need to be worried or angry. Either way my wife has a different reaction based on the circumstance of the exact same noise.

The Bible talks about creation and how the fact that there is a tree proclaims the existence of God. The starry sky, the flower strewn meadow, the bird and the butterfly all shout the glory of God and his love for humanity. I feel that the sound of creation is no less a testimony of creation than what we see. God talks to us in so many ways, we sit on our porch in the evening and creation is everywhere. Crickets, frogs, coyotes and the response from every dog in the neighborhood, the rustle of the leaves from the evening breeze it’s amazing!, and yet with the wrong frame of mind that symphony proclaiming Gods Glory can just be a bunch of noise. Listen for God in everything and you will be so sweetly blessed by the conversation he is having with you.

Like I said God speaks to us in many ways, he wants to be heard, he wants you to listen and there is definitely great benefit in listening to Him. People talk about that still small voice that speaks to your heart straight from God. How many times have we missed that because all we heard was a noise and were to busy to listen. It’s not enough just to hear God we need to listen. Listening requires attention and quietness if you are to busy and loud God will just be more noise in the chaos.

Lets try spending more time listening whether it’s God talking straight to your heart, talking through the wisdom of other people, or creation screaming his Glory we will most likely be  totally blessed by the wonderful things He has to share with us.

God is not running around checking if people can hear him “can you hear me now?” no!!!,  He is specifically talking to you saying ” listen my child to the great and wonderful things I have planned for you”.

Don’t Miss the Conversation!!!


So what next?

I wanted to let you know what to expect from me as I share my thoughts and comments with you. I plan on posting something everyday it will most likely be in this blog but I am also building content on other pages so make sure you check them out also. As I get going you will find that my posts will be similar depending on the day of the week. Like Mondays will be ODG day. Tuesday will probably be something light hearted and humorous. What’s up Wednesday will be comments on news and current events, just know I can be somewhat opinionated and sarcastic. Thursday I’ll probably share some thoughts on health and nutrition. Friday is for Family and Marriage. Saturday is Faith and christian living. Sunday I will probably dig into a Book of the Bible. A little disclaimer here “I reserve the right to write what ever God puts on my heart to write even if it’s not the right day, all right”

I also plan on adding neat things like pictures and stuff, of course we have to deal with the learning curve so be patient. By the way if you know anything about web pages and want to hang out for an afternoon let me know. I make great coffee!

I laid awake last night thinking, praying, wondering if I have anything worth writing that anyone would read and at the same time thinking about all the things I want to write about. I came back to the same point over and over, It doesn’t matter, write anyway write for God write for myself just do it and let God deal with who reads it. So by the time I fell asleep I realized I just need to go forward and write regardless of who reads any of it. If you are one who does read my stuff please leave a comment whether you agree or disagree I don’t care just let me know what you think. Also if you have questions or suggestions of things for me to write let me know I would love to hear from you.

I will be back tomorrow!

God is Good!!!!!!

The Wisdom of ODG’s

“If God gives you a watch, are you honoring Him more by asking Him what time it is or by simply consulting the watch?”

A.W. Tozer

I have always been fascinated by the wisdom of ODG’s Old Dead Guys.

Regardless of what you may think of that statement, Old Dead Guys, I have great admiration for the amazing men that have gone before us in their, most of the time, very humbling walks with the Lord. I was at work the other day on my break and stumbled across this quote from A. W. Tozer that really spoke to my heart about what God has been working and doing in my life.

God has blessed me beyond all comprehension, he has given me so much and yet I still find myself waiting for that one thing or talent that will help me to do the work he has called me to do. This quote kind of hit me hard, God has given me many watches in my life, I gratefully take them, and then turn to God and ask him what time it is. I realize God would probably like me to use the gift he has given me and maybe even help some one else who needs to know what time it is.

What has God given you? What talent or gift has God blessed you with that is not being used for the purpose it was given? I am not saying that to convict (well maybe just a little) but to make you think. All things are possible with Christ, but he has chosen us his people as the instruments to accomplish his work on this Earth. He has given or will give us all we need to succeed in his calling.  We just have to pick up the tools and get to His work. Don’t always look to see what God is doing, look to see what God can do through you.

I personally have been called for many years to write and teach, it’s debatable whether he has given me any talent to go along with that calling, but the calling is still there. That is why I have started this adventure of actually listening to God and writing down the thoughts he puts in my head. I guess if just one person reads this or any of my posts and is Blessed than Gods purpose will be served.

Go find someone that needs to know what time it is and share the Goodness of God

God is Good!!

By the way if you happen to read this I would love to hear your comments good, bad or indifferent. God Bless

God is Good

I have recently been very convicted by the Lord to write. I Love to write it has always been a great release for me. Ninety nine percent of what I have written has never been read by anyone and I’m not sure any of this will be read either, none the less, God has put it on my heart to write. I figure since I will be typing it anyway I might as well do what everyone else is doing and start a blog so that if by chance somebody reads it, they might be blessed by my simple words.

I Love the Lord, he has patiently been loving me and guiding me for the past 25 or so years regardless of my state of commitment he has never left me to walk alone. To me that is one of the greatest mysteries about God, His unending patience, it makes no sense that he would put up with us. Some day I will write more about that but for now I just want to introduce myself to anyone that might accidentally find themselves on this web page.

My name is Ralph, Hello Everyone, I am 48 as of the 20th and like I said I have been a Christian since I was 21. I have been married to the same awesome and beautiful wife, my best friend, Pricella for 27 years. We have been Blessed with three of the most amazing children, two additional sons that chose to marry my daughters, and the most precious of all my three grand babies. I can honestly say I am the richest man in the world!

I do not know what this is going to look like as time goes by, fortunately God does. My prayer and passion is that if someone needs to read what I write the Spirit will guide them here and if this is just all for my need to write down what God put’s on my heart than that is good also.

Indeed GOD IS GOOD!!!!