Who wrote this stuff?

Family Photos 2013 001Thought it would be nice to introduce myself to anyone who might care. If you are that person thank GOD for you!!! You not only stumbled onto my site but you stayed long enough to check it out. Again I say God Bless you!!!!!

My name is Ralph Leavers I live in Redding CA, a beautiful town in northern California on the Sacramento River, with my wife and best friend Pricella. We have been married very happily for 27 years. We have managed to raise three of the most awesome children into even more awesome adults. Christina my oldest lives in Redding with her husband and one of my new sons Tom. Jessica my middle girl is married to my other new son Josh. They live in Paradise Ca and have my three grandchildren Easton, Eli and Princess Ema. My son Bradley our youngest lives in Sacramento. If I stopped now you would know everything that is precious in my life aside from the Grace of God and Christ’s Love. But I continue with a few more details.

I love the Lord, I met him about 26 years ago, thanks to my wife’s persistence and a whole lot of prayers. Macdoel Assembly of God was the first church I called my family, it was and still is a wonderful place to meet Jesus. Because of the nomad spirit my wife and I had we moved around a lot, and consequently we were blessed by experiencing many fellowships of believers. I wont go through the list, it’s rather long, but to sum it up I was born in an Assembly of God, baptized in a Four Square, raised in Calvary Chapel and put to work in several places the Lord has guided us through the years. Once again we are currently listening for the Lord’s direction on our next adventure in His Kingdom. Some might call us unsettled church hoppers, but I feel blessed to have experienced many parts of God’s one Church.

Enough of that, I suppose I will elaborate more on my life and who I am but for now That’s Me.

As always God is Good!!!


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