Nail Scarred Hand

Nail Scarred Hand

 A nail scarred hand, begins to knock at my door

The voice I hear, I think I’ve heard it before.

He’s offering life, and to take away all my sins

if I’ll just open the door, and invite him in.

Another voice I hear, in the back of my mind

says run far away, no one could be so kind.

I have all you need, in this world of mine

all the pleasures of life, nothing else is so fine.

It’s a foolish thing, I’ve done it before

do I slip out the back, and leave Him outside the door.

But is my life that exciting, an endless joy ride

if it is what’s this pain, and empty feeling inside?

A nail scarred hand, again knocks at my door

tender voice I hear, I know I’ve heard it before

As I invite Him in, to the ugly mess inside

His love only sees

His Eternal Bride


Ralph Leavers 96

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