Love Is:

Love Is:

Love is patient, so am I….. “hurry up! when will it be here? to much times going by”

Love is Kind, just like me…..”These bums there just losers can’t you see”

Love does not envy, nor do I…..”How’d they get so lucky, while I barely get by?”

Love is humble, meek like me…..”I’m doing so good, I’m what you want to be”

Love is not rude, either am I…..”Get out of my, I want to get by”

Love is unselfish, a picture of me…..”Hey that’s my stuff! Don’t touch! Leave it be!”

Love is good tempered, and surely am I…..”touch me again and you’ll wish you could die”

Love forgets wrongs, no better than me…..”I’ll never forgive them, it hurt to deeply”

Love doesn’t like evil, and neither do I…..”What a great movie, full of death, sex and lies”

Love is GOD! Whose Son died for me….. “I’m glad his loves not like mine, when he looks at me!”

Ralph Leavers 96

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