Back on Track

Hello again this is kind of my post before my post. Just wanted to apologize to you all if you were expecting posts the last couple of days. I was planning several posts I’ve got a lot to write about but like I said the other day “Life would be easier if life didn’t always get in the way”. It has been a very busy week short handed at work and my schedule was different days than it usually is. Threw my whole week off!

As busy as it was it was also totally awesome too! I had the privilege of performing a wedding ceremony for an amazing young couple on Saturday. It is such a blessing to marry a couple that you know are going to do well. Christian families, lots of prayer and support they can’t help but succeed. Zach and Kyleigh God Bless you!!!

I was also blessed on Thursday night at our church. We had a family come and perform for us, The Williams Family, that was just amazing. They travel from church to church performing and relying on love offerings for the means to get to the next performance. What an example of following Christ and relying on him for all your needs. That alone blessed me more than anything, also kind of convicting.

There performance was great, everything they play is stringed, I didn’t count but it was close too 15 different instruments that the three of them played. Such tremendous talent to be used for the Lord. On the grand scale of high tech performances they probably would not get noticed, but their love for Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, was evident in every song they played. Thank you Williams Family you are a Blessing!

God is Good!!!


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