Jesus loves me!

Jesus Loves me this I know

so the children song would go

as adults we oft forget the one not long ago we met

we get caught in our earthly walk

no sign of Him in life or talk

we know it’s wrong and shouldn’t be

so become a child and sing with me

Jesus loves me this I know

His patient Mercy shows me so.

I wrote this little poem several years ago and just recently found it while looking through the stuff I’ve written over the years. It’s very simple, but at least for me, it hit’s home all to often. I love the Lord and am thankful everyday for his patience and Grace, but life has a way of stealing our focus away from Him. We live in a world that is broken, filled with sin, currently ruled by one who hates God and wants to destroy all He has created. That includes you and me, and his tactics are relentless. Chaos, distraction, temptation, lies are all in his arsenal, his barrage of attacks aimed at keeping your focus off the One who Loves you.

I love in the Disney movie UP where the dog is talking quite focused and all the sudden he turns and says “squirrel”. We laugh at how easily a dog can be completely distracted by such a simple thing. We’re no different we just have different squirrels “sports” “mall” “fishing” “shoes” “work” “bills” “relationships” you know what your squirrel is. A lot of times that trigger is our self defense against life and it’s pain and stress. Satan doesn’t care what draws your focus, pleasure or pain, it makes no difference as long as it’s not Jesus. We so easily forget that Jesus is our best and only true defense against all the distractions Satan put’s in our path.

A child believes because to their hearts it makes sense to believe. The Bible says it, so it must be true, cause mommy and daddy say the Bible is true. That’s that end of story, let’s play!! They don’t need grand explanations or undeniable proof, just the comfort from a pure and uncluttered heart that knows there is a God and he loves me.

We are the children of God! Jesus Loves You!! don’t let life steal that from you. Walk with the Lord in all your trials and triumphs. He is your greatest counselor and friend. Don’t forget Him, declare Him in everything you do, and your path will be made so much straighter and the burdens of life so much easier to bare.

Jesus Loves me this I know

He chose to die

to show me so.

GOD is GOOD!!!

2 Replies to “Jesus loves me!”

  1. Your a true talent, you inspire me, I will read every word and excited for the next. Thanks for being my (and many others) generous teacher.

  2. It’s always nice to be reminded to keep it simple. Stay focused on the truly important facts, Jesus loves me.

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