What is wrong with us?

Stuff like this just blows my mind! What has our country come to that we are this blinded by political correctness?

I don’t necessarily think a marine should be be doing what Sgt Stien is doing. I am no fan of President Obama but he is still the Commander in Chief and as a Marine Sgt Stien probably went over the line. That being said he didn’t kill any people out of his line of duty as a Marine. He is a United States citizen and with that comes a right to have an opinion and freely voice it. From what I have read he is a good soldier who loves his country and has served with honor. Not knowing the intricacies of a Marines oath to serve and the legalities of it all I don’t know if his punishment was appropriate or not. Personally I don’t think he should be kicked out. Good strong discipline and a ” what the H#!% were you thinking” should suffice. Probably an apology to President Obama would be good too. Disagree with him all you want but respect the office.

The thing that really kills me is how out of proportion the discipline and lack of prosecution dealt out to the second serviceman. He killed 14 fellow soldiers and 2 1/2 years later has still not gone to trial and currently is seeking another 8 month delay. In fairness he is not receiving full pay and is incarcerated at this time facing the death penalty if convicted so life is by no means perfect for him. But you listen to the media and he is this poor misunderstood victim who was pushed into this terrible act by a society (The USA) who misunderstood and persecuted his believe system. I do not care what your believe system is Christian, Muslim, atheist or insane if you brutally kill 14 people and injure over 30 others you deserve a very quick trial and immediate justice. I do not have anything against the Muslim religion, I disagree with it, but most Muslims are probably very good people. It’s the fanatic cowards that hide behind the religion that disgust me. Hassan on many occasions stated he follows that way of thinking and even though he was a US soldier he supported the fanatics our men and women are fighting and dying over.

Whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison those 14 dead servicemen deserve justice at least as fast as the decision to destroy a good dedicated Marines military career over poor judgement. This is just one example of how are society has lowered itself to making decisions based on political correctness and not common sense. We cant offend anyone or any people group regardless of the offense. Unfortunately I don’t see things getting better anytime soon.

I’ll close with another politically incorrect statement that proves I’m a bigoted self righteous fanatic myself. Trust God he is our only protection from the insanity. Place your hope in Him and faith in Christ and no matter what direction society flows you will be carried through. Always head True North!!!!!

GOD is GOOD!!!

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