The True North Trek

This is a new post I will be doing at least once a week commenting on the Bible as I journey through it on my quest for True North. I will be picking a book and working through it seeing what God has to say to my heart and hopefully yours. I will make it clear I am not a college edumacated theologizer so you might find points that don’t jive with your theology or tradition. Please forgive me, God has. I just believe that God wrote the Bible so that  we could know him better, every word is truth and every word is beneficial. It was written for everyman and meant to be easily understood.

Life is a journey and eternity with God is the destination. Like I explained on my page “What is True North” the Bible is like a map. It was written by and about many people who have taken this journey before us and inspired by the One who is the destination we seek. Why so many people do not get intimate with the direction, inspiration and comfort that is found in this magnificent Book baffles me. If you are one who hasn’t taken the time to read and study this Love letter from God it’s time to start. Spend time daily, you don’t have to read great chunks everytime you sit down, just pick a Book read a chapter and just listen to what God is saying to you. A great place to start is Psalms or maybe one of the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, John). Read a chapter in Proverbs everyday there happens to be 31 of them, fits nicely with most months doesn’t it! I will be working through the Bible here, but please don’t let this be your only source of study.

I think I will be starting with the book of John, mainly because it is my favorite, but also because it is a great introduction to Jesus. John wrote his Gospel to show who Jesus is and that Jesus is God. Jesus is True North our destination and our compass through the wilderness of life. As you study you will find that all truth points to Christ, He is the Gospel, the Good News, without him you are lost, headed in the wrong direction.

So let’s open the map, find our Compass and head out on a magnificent journey to meet with God.

John 1 coming soon!

GOD is GOOD!!!


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