View from Paradise

As most of you know Pricella and I are moving to Paradise. Our home closes later this month. (7/2017) We are so extremely blessed.  I have not written anything for along time even though it is one of the things that gives me the most pleasure. As I have said in the past God is constatntly prompting me to write and I tend to find many reasons not to.

Today I just want to thank God for his abundant Blessings and patience with me. As we move to Paradise our new home I think of Paradise our future home. The one that has been prepared for us eternally with our Father in Heaven by his Grace and our faith in His Son Jesus Christ. My wife and I have been excited, frustrated, depressed, overjoyed, angry, grateful and just about any other emotion you can think over the last several months. We have been trying to sell our house in Redding, made several offers on houses in Paradise, second guessed every decision we have made and just have been generally confused about what God is doing. Luckily we serve an Amazing God who never is confused about his purposes. We still have not sold our house in Redding and until the ink dries we don’t have a house in Paradise. Yet I am convinced that all we have gone through and all God has in store for us is to our benefit and God will continue to bless us beyond all we can imagine.

I recently read a devotional, and I would give credit to that person if I could remember who wrote it, that talked about the fact that we have “rich people problems”. That really put into perspective what Pricella and I have been going through. There are more people than not who would love the problems that we have. I’m sure that relates to most of us especially here in the United States. I personally am extremely blessed and as a nation we are one of, if not the most, blessed nations history has ever seen.  Yet we have no problem being discontent with whatever situation we are in. Even if you are not monetarily wealthy the next time you are feeling less then grateful about your situation remember, where you stand with God, is where your true wealth is. As children of God all our issues are “rich people problems”.

God is Good!!!

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  1. Ralph you are so inspirational and loving l hope you know how proud I am to have you in my life. You are with out a doubt the best son in law any mother could ask for. I love you so much❣️✝️

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