I know you hear me, But are you listening?

When you look in the thesaurus under the word hear the first synonym listed is listen. If you are a parent, grand parent, boss or teacher you know there is a tremendous difference between the two. Hearing takes very little effort, noise is everywhere, from pleasant to annoying we hear things all day and some times all night long. Listening on the other hand is an active process it takes concentration, you have to acknowledge that what you are hearing is not just noise. We usually make the transition between hearing and listening based on personal benefit, do we gain something from listening, it could be entertainment, knowledge, warning from danger, relaxation, encouragement the list goes on but in some way we listen for our benefit.

I adore my grand children but they are a great example of my point. They will be playing their video games and you can ask them something that is of no great concern of theirs and you might as well be “talking to the hand”. Raise the stakes, some thing fun, sugary or the possibility of a sore behind, and hearing makes that phenomenal transition to listening. Another example is our dog, she is not a real barker, but when she does we usually ignore her because ninety-nine percent of the time she doesn’t even know what she is barking about her self. If my wife is home alone and it’s two in the morning the dogs barking takes on a different meaning, my wife is definitely listening. Why is Holly barking is there a car in the drive, is the dog just dreaming, does she need to be worried or angry. Either way my wife has a different reaction based on the circumstance of the exact same noise.

The Bible talks about creation and how the fact that there is a tree proclaims the existence of God. The starry sky, the flower strewn meadow, the bird and the butterfly all shout the glory of God and his love for humanity. I feel that the sound of creation is no less a testimony of creation than what we see. God talks to us in so many ways, we sit on our porch in the evening and creation is everywhere. Crickets, frogs, coyotes and the response from every dog in the neighborhood, the rustle of the leaves from the evening breeze it’s amazing!, and yet with the wrong frame of mind that symphony proclaiming Gods Glory can just be a bunch of noise. Listen for God in everything and you will be so sweetly blessed by the conversation he is having with you.

Like I said God speaks to us in many ways, he wants to be heard, he wants you to listen and there is definitely great benefit in listening to Him. People talk about that still small voice that speaks to your heart straight from God. How many times have we missed that because all we heard was a noise and were to busy to listen. It’s not enough just to hear God we need to listen. Listening requires attention and quietness if you are to busy and loud God will just be more noise in the chaos.

Lets try spending more time listening whether it’s God talking straight to your heart, talking through the wisdom of other people, or creation screaming his Glory we will most likely be  totally blessed by the wonderful things He has to share with us.

God is not running around checking if people can hear him “can you hear me now?” no!!!,  He is specifically talking to you saying ” listen my child to the great and wonderful things I have planned for you”.

Don’t Miss the Conversation!!!


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