The Gaurdians

Over the Christmas holidays I was blessed to go to the movies with my whole family. we ended up choosing a movie called The Guardians which I had never heard of but the grand kids were very excited to go see it so the choice was made. It is a very well done animated movie that stars Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Jack Frost and of course a nasty villain. I am one of those people who likes to think about what we can take from a story that is deeper than just the basic story and that is what I want to talk about today.

In this story the heroes are battling the nasty villain but are not being successful because the villain has caused the children to not believe. Eventually the heroes loose all there powers as the children stop believing and there is just one child left in all the world who still believes. Of course they figure out a way to turn the tide, the children all start believing again, the heroes get their powers back, defeat the villain and life becomes all happy again in animation land. Okay!! so maybe I left out a few points but that’s the jest of it. Watch the movie it’s really good all the kids loved it, even the 49 year old kids.

Sometimes, probably more accurately a lot of the time, we as Christians, whether we want to admit it or not, view God in the same way that the movie depicts it’s heroes. We tend to have an attitude that God needs us to believe in him and with out us he looses his ability to be God. I taught recently and made a statement that “God doesn’t need us” at the time I did not elaborate because it was not really what I was teaching on. Later a member of the church came up to me and asked what I meant by saying God did not need us. His basic complaint with my statement was that of course God needs us because he made us to have fellowship with him and to spread his Gospel. Which is true, God did make us to have fellowship with him, not because he needed fellowship with us, but because he “chose” to make us so we could have fellowship with him. He chose to use us to be his instruments in this world. Because God is God, if he needed us to have fellowship with him, he wouldn’t have given us the ability to choose not to have fellowship with him.

The point I am trying to make is our belief, our love, our desire to know God has no effect on who God is. God is because He is! He, by his Grace and Love, chooses to seek fellowship with us, chooses to use us in his grand plan for his creation. God needs us because he chooses to need us not because he needs us to need Him.

Your probably saying “I know that God is God regardless of my belief” what’s the point. I think that we as Christians can get an attitude that God is here to answer our prayers, heal our ills, comfort our pains, defeat our enemies and in general do all the things we ask of him. You look at some of the teaching and trends in the Christian community and you would think that God was created to do our bidding. That we have the authority to tell God what he is to do. I personally do not want a god who is small enough to take commands from me. He does answer are prayers and does some pretty amazing things that we ask of him. He truly does want us to ask him and depend on him to answer are prayers, but we need to remember, he does what he does because he chooses to do it not because he needs to.

God loves his creation, he loves you and I and gave everything “John 3:16” to show us that love, be confident in that! Just always remember who needs who! God’s power never fades.

God is Good!!!


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  1. Ok, great movie and great post! I would like to pose another thought on the subject, if you don’t mind. In this movie the “nasty villain” is responsible for taking away the children’s faith in the heroes by giving them fear and doubt. In the real world Satan aka nasty villain would nothing so much as to do the same. He makes it his goal to give people fear and doubt and drive them away from God. Unlike the movie, this does not change God. It only changes you. Like you said our Almighty God does not require our belief to exist, he offers himself to us so that we might benefit from his love and grace and all around awesomeness. Don’t allow a nasty villain to create doubt in your life and seperate you from Gods awesomeness.

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