So what next?

I wanted to let you know what to expect from me as I share my thoughts and comments with you. I plan on posting something everyday it will most likely be in this blog but I am also building content on other pages so make sure you check them out also. As I get going you will find that my posts will be similar depending on the day of the week. Like Mondays will be ODG day. Tuesday will probably be something light hearted and humorous. What’s up Wednesday will be comments on news and current events, just know I can be somewhat opinionated and sarcastic. Thursday I’ll probably share some thoughts on health and nutrition. Friday is for Family and Marriage. Saturday is Faith and christian living. Sunday I will probably dig into a Book of the Bible. A little disclaimer here “I reserve the right to write what ever God puts on my heart to write even if it’s not the right day, all right”

I also plan on adding neat things like pictures and stuff, of course we have to deal with the learning curve so be patient. By the way if you know anything about web pages and want to hang out for an afternoon let me know. I make great coffee!

I laid awake last night thinking, praying, wondering if I have anything worth writing that anyone would read and at the same time thinking about all the things I want to write about. I came back to the same point over and over, It doesn’t matter, write anyway write for God write for myself just do it and let God deal with who reads it. So by the time I fell asleep I realized I just need to go forward and write regardless of who reads any of it. If you are one who does read my stuff please leave a comment whether you agree or disagree I don’t care just let me know what you think. Also if you have questions or suggestions of things for me to write let me know I would love to hear from you.

I will be back tomorrow!

God is Good!!!!!!

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  1. AMEN my friend…..letting God lead your mind and fingers and only bring more and more blessings to the one(s) He needs the message to be given.

  2. Can I hang out and have coffee even if I don’t know anything about web pages? I love what your saying and can’t wait to read more.

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