ODG Evelyn Underhill

“If God were small enough to be understood, He would not be big enough to be worshiped.”

Evelyn Underhill

December 06, 1875-June 15, 1941
Okay so I guess the G can stand for gal just as easy as guy. For those that haven’t read my ODG posts ODG stands for Old Dead Guys or in this case Gal. These are my expoundings (my dictionary says this is not a word but I don’t believe it) on quotes made by influential figures of our past.
Evelyn Underhill was a very popular writer in the early 1900’s. Most of her work centered around christian mysticism, which raises a red flag about her theology, but none the less this quote is pretty awesome. My Pastor shared it in his sermon about a month ago and it has been on my heart to “expound” upon it since then. Obviously I have learned a new word, so on with the expounding!
God is immense his ways are beyond our understanding, he has blessed us with so much knowledge of who he is and his purposes, but we will never grasp the completeness of his Glory. Our intelligence and insight would have to be equal to His to fully grasp the fullness of His Majesty. I don’t know about you, but a god with my intelligence would not be much of a god worth worshiping. I am so glad that my God is so much more than I could ever dream or imagine, more powerful, more intelligent, all knowing, all loving, merciful, full of grace, if it is good than God is that goodness beyond all we can ever understand.
It is human nature to try to understand all there is to know about God. There are some who would claim they have it pretty much all figured out. I don’t diminish the multitude of hours spent over that last few centuries by people much smarter than me trying to uncover the deeper things of God and our Christian faith. Just look at the many dogmatic theologies held by the different denominations and sects within the Christian churches. They can’t all be right and I doubt all are wrong, all though I’m sure God is wondering were some of these ideas came from, certainly not anything from His Word.
I know that doctrine and theology are important and they are a foundational part of the Christian faith and I know that God has revealed himself to us through His Word. I have two issues one problem lies in the interpretation and whose interpretation is the right one. The other problem is what really matters? As Mike Meyers said in the movie “View from the Top” we often “put the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble.” I am not saying that there are parts of the Bible that don’t matter so don’t try to nail me on that. What I am saying is sometimes we focus on issues and opinions instead of what God really wants us to focus on.
I believe there are eternal doctrines, ones that effect our eternity, and temporal doctrines, ones that effect our relationship with God and the fullness of our Christian walk. The emphasis should always be on the eternal doctrines which in reality are relatively few:
  1. There is one God
  2. God is one but manifest in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  3. Salvation is only through belief in Christ and his death and resurrection as payment for our sins
  4. Salvation is a gift of Grace and cannot be earned.
  5. The Bible is the Word of God not to be added to or taken away from.
  6. We are all sinners and need salvation
I have probably missed a few that some would classify as just as important, and offended others by implying that some doctrine is more important than others. My point is who cares when or if the rapture happens if your not going to spend eternity with Jesus because your focus is on end times prophesy and not Christ!
Back to the Quote, we will never understand all that God is or all the meanings behind everything he has for us in the Bible. What we do know are the things he has made very clear and that effect our eternity with him. It is good to contemplate on his greatness and debate our opinions, but don’t loose sight of his Grace and Love found only in Christ.
I hope this has been beneficial to all. If you have questions whether you agree or disagree I look forward to exchanging ideas. Please leave a comment.
As always

GOD is GOOD!!!

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  1. I appreciate how you phrase the philosophy of eternal and temporal doctrines. That is something I have long believed but have not found the verbiage to put it quite so straight forward. In the long run what puts you on heaven? Some things are meat and some are potatoes, best served together but the meat has more nutritional importance. And yeah great quote.

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