What is True North?

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What is True North?

In a Word Christ!

I have had this concept of True North in my head for many years. We all have an ultimate destination at the end of our life, most would say that destination is some form or concept of Heaven, unfortunately for many they are on a wrong path.

We as Christians have been given all we need to reach our destination, eternity in the presence of God. An infallible map (the Bible), an experienced guide (the Holy Spirit), protection from the storms (our Father GOD) and the key to finding our destination our compass (Jesus Christ).

Christ is clear  in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  When you have your heart focused on Christ, if He is your Savior you will reach your destination. You will find True North, your eternity will be in the presence of God in all Glory. In the simplest understanding of the Gospel, Christ is all you need, not religion, law, creeds, theology or even absence of sin. That simple Gospel is the foundation of my personal faith.

That being said God has given us so much to help us along our journey. Let us start with the map, the Bible, unless you are really adventurous you don’t head out in the wilderness without a good map. We as Christians have the ultimate map written by the one who created the terrain we are set to walk through. Make sure you are intimately familiar with the map before you go on with your journey.

God has also given us a guide in the Holy Spirit, it is always a good idea to listen to your guide. Some times we can’t see were we are going fog, storms, treacherous pathways, darkness, confusion can place us in very dangerous situations. God has given us the ultimate guide one who is always with you waiting to give you guidance and wisdom if you are not to proud to ask.

As for protection, shelter from the storm, God the Father Himself is constantly watching over you. There is not one stumbling stone or peril that he is not completely aware of that you will face in your journey. He will protect you and if needed carry you through anything you will encounter as long as your trust is in Him.

That is what I see when I talk about True North. It probably has some theological and doctrinal holes in it, but that’s okay, the way I read it the only theology that has ever saved anyone is “Christ Crucified”! He did it for you, he did it for me, if I don’t see you before just head True North and we will meet someday.

God is Good!!

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