Satan’s Ways (The 5 D’s that lead to defeat)

This morning I am going to expound upon my Pastor’s sermon this last week because it really relates to where I am in my walk and with my writing. It’s also some really good stuff and probably most of you will relate as well. Thanks Pastor Sung for the inspiration.

Satan hates us! It doesn’t matter if  your preaching to five thousand, or encouraging the neighbor through a hard time with the love of Christ, he hates you for talking about Jesus! He knows he can’t beat Jesus, but he will do everything he can to defeat and destroy those who follow Christ. The good news is no matter how hard and destructive the battle those who are truly in Christ are just as victorious as Christ himself. The key of course is Christ and his power within us!

Pastor used a couple of analogies from the military that I thought were very appropriate since we are in fact at war with the enemy of our soul “Satan”! You don’t successfully go into battle without knowing two things, your strengths, weaknesses and resources, and your enemies strengths, weaknesses and resources. When the United States went to war with Saddam Husein in both Gulf Wars, even though it was pretty apparent we out resourced them in both technology and might, we still had to know our enemy to minimize loss to our troops. We had to be aware of the resolve of our enemy regardless of how sure the ultimate outcome. Satan knows he can’t defeat Christ, but his resolve is to cause as many casualties as he can, in spite of his ultimate defeat.

I want to go through five tools Satan uses against us to destroy our effectiveness in the battle to save the souls of those who Christ loves.

1. Discord: Have you ever been in a Church or heard of one that has been completely torn apart by discord. Disagreement over trivial differences in opinion. Before you know it there are two opposing sides, at war with each other, and ultimately the Church becomes a bomb ready to explode and completely useless in changing peoples lives. Whether in a Church or in personal relationships Satan loves discord. We tend to focus on the disagreement rather than the one who can bring agreement and that fits Satan’s plan perfectly. There are few things more unappealing to a non believer seeking answers than Christians fighting amongst themselves. If it is causing division and discord it is not from Christ

2. Distraction: Satan knows if he can get your attention on anything other than Christ you become unproductive for Christ. It can be something very good and pleasant: Vacation, new stuff, new relationship, unexpected windfall of money or something unpleasant: job stress, bad relationship, unexpected bills or just the stuff of life: tired, tv, busyness. It doesn’t really matter to him as long as your focus is not on Christ and His Kingdom. Life happens to all of us and distraction is part of that life. How you handle distraction will determine how victorious you are in life. We need to reset our default point of attention, where are mind always wanders to when distracted, from things of this world to things of HIS Kingdom. Every good thing comes from Christ and every bad thing can be conquered through Christ, so why do they all take are mind off of Christ?

3. Discouragement: Satan is great at discouraging, and it seems that we as humans are amazingly easy to discourage. I will step to the front of the class on this one! We as believers should be totally and completely immune to discouragement. We have the God who created everything telling us there is nothing he won’t see us through and yet we doubt and get discouraged as soon as anything doesn’t go the way we had it planned. I think the key here is “the way WE had it planned”. Satan can’t do anything about God’s plans, but he sure can screw up ours! He will do anything to make us feel like we are inadequate and unable to accomplish the things God has set before us. Trust in God, not what you think or feel, just GOD!!! Remember that God’s ways are not our ways, do it God’s way and there is no room for discouragement.

4: Deception: Satan is the father of lies, the great deceiver, he is good at it and he knows it. He started with Adam and Eve and has been honing his craft for centuries. Without the light and love of Christ no one is above his ability to deceive. We have all grown up in a very “if it feels good do it” society which lends itself to an attitude that is very susceptible to deception. Sin is not sin it’s a disease that can’t be helped so don’t judge them. God would not want you in a bad marriage, if your unhappy just leave. The bible was written to a different culture, things are different know, so we need to interpret it differently.  I could go on and on about how Satan, the prince of this earth, has planted so many deceptions into our society that take us away from the true Word of God. By the way just because it comes from a pulpit doesn’t mean it’s not deception. Trust the Word and the God who wrote it. If it doesn’t point to Jesus be wary!

5: Destruction: This pretty much sums up the other four! Satan wants to destroy you! He wants to destroy the Church! Ultimately he wants to destroy Christ, but he knows he can’t do that, so he will put his full effort into destroying us. He will try to take away everything that makes us strong and stable, whatever that may be, so that we allow him to destroy all hope. With out Hope we have nothing! We need to understand, we cannot be destroyed, unless we allow our own destruction. If Christ is for us who can be against us? The answer is nobody!!! not even Satan. We are victorious, the Kingdom of Heaven is secure, and that is our home.

Kind of long but I hope it is useful.

Know thy enemy, and remember he loses!!!

GOD is GOOD!!!

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