I had the most awesome day yesterday! Went down to Sacramento to have lunch with my son Brad to celebrate his 25th birthday. Sad to think he is my youngest. Went to Thai food with him and my beautiful wife. Then took him to REI to get some new climbing shoes. What a great blessing he is! He is going to be starting school to get his fire sciences degree and just started the summer season at Cal Fire. Very busy, if not working he’s off climbing a cliff or some other wild adventure. Brad if you happen to read this, I couldn’t be prouder of the awesome man you have become. Draw near to God, he wants you to know him better. Remember no matter where you are you’re in his hand.

After we left Sacramento we went to Paradise to catch the last game of the season for Easton and Eli. They are doing so well with their baseball, and they are getting way to big! Princess Ema of course was there, adorable as usual. Josh and Jessica are such good parents, I am so blessed to have such an awesome son and daughter. It was great spending a couple hours with them.

I am so blessed, family is priceless. Never be to busy to enjoy your family. All the other stuff will always be there, cultivate the things that have true value, your relationship with God first and then all the people he has placed in your life. Material things are nice, and I have my share of meaningless things that I really like, but all that stuff passes away. People are what’s valuable, they are priceless to God, and should be as much so to us.

I have missed several days this last week, sorry about that, lots going on. I hopefully will be back on track this week. I have several projects I am working on so keep me in prayer. I think the next several months are going to get real busy and exciting in what the Lord is doing in my life. I pray that I keep hearing his voice and not my own.

God Bless You!!! I will be back later today with more.

GOD is GOOD!!!

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