The Gospel and the Bible

I talk about the Gospel a lot in what I write, because it’s important, it is in fact the single most important thing you will ever hear. The Gospel means “Good News” that is how God describes the fact that he sent his son to die for humanity so that we could have fellowship with him. Good News seems a little inadequate to describe what God has done for us. I think maybe something like “The extraordinary, amazing, unfathomable why in the world did you do this for me news” is more fitting. Of course the Bible would be a whole lot bigger if we used all the words needed to describe the awesomeness of God’s grace. My point is if all that is going thru your head when your sharing the Gospel is “Good News” your missing so much. If Good News is how God describes it, it should take are breath away every time we think about or share the power of God’s love for us!

We are funny people, we are so excited to share when good things happen to us. “I just got a raise” “Look at my new car” “We just had our new Grand baby”. So many things are good news, and of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing that. We get joy in sharing and most of the time the receiver of the information is made happy also. Good things are, well, good. If you are a Christian you are in possession of the Greatest of Good News, and yet we so often don’t share it. We will tell our friends and neighbors about the great fun we had on vacation, but not about the God who created the universe that also died for them on a cross. Now more than ever this world needs GOOD NEWS, don’t keep it to yourself.

I also wanted to talk a little about the Bible, God’s awesome instruction manual/love letter to humanity. The words in this book contain all you need for life and Godliness all the wisdom you will ever need, all the comfort you could ever want. It’s words are powerful, gentle, convicting, uplifting everything you need. The deal is it needs to be read! If it remains closed, on your night stand, in your car, on a bookshelf or even packed around everywhere you go, but never opened it will do you no good. You might as well be packing around a dictionary or the latest best selling novel.

There is a bookshelf God has designed for his Word, it won’t hold this physical bunch of bound printed pages. This book , the Bible is just a means of transferring God’s Word into that bookshelf, your heart. That, like I said, requires the information entering your brain (reading and studying) and by the power of the Holy Spirit being written on the tablet of your heart. Imagine your heart with a slot in it exactly the size of your Bible. That’s a big hole, your hearts not going to function well until it’s filled.

Read your Bible! It will transform your understanding of the God that Loves you so much. Don’t rely on second hand knowledge read for yourself what God has to say to you.

You can’t know what you haven’t learned and you can’t learn what you haven’t made an effort to know.

Hope all is well and the Grace of God is on you!

GOD is GOOD!!!

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