Don’t Forget the Moms in your Life!

If your like me you are surrounded by Moms, of course only one of them is “The Mom”, but they all are a great blessing in my life. Thank all of you!!

My mother is an amazing woman, 78 and still very active, she works part time at two jobs and active with the local Fire Bells. She has four children, five grand children and three great grandchildren. Thanks mom for always being there for all of us! It is awesome to know that my grandchildren will be able to tell thier children about great grandma Leavers, what a legacy. Thanks again MOM!

My awesome wife and best friend is the next mom I want to Thank. She has given me three of the most amazing children. They all have her beauty, both physically and in spirit. I am such a lucky man to  have found this beautiful woman to spend my life with. Thank you Baby!

I also need to thank my daughter Jessica for being such a phenomenal young mother to my grandbabies (not so much babies anymore). She is so dedicated to thier happiness and teaching them to be good and respectful children. I like to think she might have gotten some of that from her mom and I. Thank You Little Girl You are amazing.

Just a general Thank You to all the other Mothers that have been part of mine and my childrens life. Being a mother is not easy, God picked the roles we play so well. As obvious and stupid as this sounds, men would make really crappy moms! God Bless all you Mothers you are not only a blessing to your children but a tremendous influence in the course of society. Without good moms the future suffers!!

So if you have a mom, that probably includes you, don’t forget them. They may not be perfect, but niether are you. Honor them for the life they have given you and all the oportunities that life has to offer.

God thank you for moms. Bless them and fill thier lives with joy!


GOD is GOOD!!!

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