Amazing Story! Human determination and inginuity

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Paralyzed Claire Lomas completes London Marathon

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I was doing my morning scan of the news and came across this story on The Drudge Report. It is amazing what the human mind and the spirit of determination can accomplish. Here is a lady who refused to allow her circumstance to define her life. It would have been news worthy for her to walk around the block, but too spend 16 days to complete a marathon when she shouldn’t have been able to walk at all “WOW”. She is showing to herself and the world tragedy doesn’t have to determine who you are. I have two good legs and I don’t  have enough commitment to do a marathon.

I am so impressed by people like Claire and all the military vets who are missing limbs who don’t accept there situation as who they are. I get all “woe ease me” about the stupidest little things that come along. “I don’t know if I can do that cause my back hurts” “Oh! if I do that my knees will ache for days” “I should really start exercising more, but I just don’t have time, and I don’t feel that good” kind a pathetic comparatively don’t you think!

The other thing that blows my mind is how we have found ways to fix things that just 20 years ago meant a life in a wheelchair, being bed bound or death. God has blessed the human mind with a tremendous capacity to solve even the most complicated problems. Every year medical issues that where once terminal or permanently debilitating are being resolved with cures and fixes never before thought possible. Of course there is so many other diseases and disabilities that still need cures: cancer, aids, heart disease, stroke the list goes on, but again every year advancements in almost every area are happening.  The human mind and will are extremely powerful forces when focused on bettering the human condition and of course, without God’s guidance can also be pretty darn destructive too.

The next time you think you can’t accomplish something, just stop and look around. It won’t take long for you to find someone who has already conquered that obstacle and even more. God is with you, in every trial, He may not take it away, but he will take you through it. Whether it’s a miraculous healing, or the ingenuity and determination of the God given human mind, He will be with you.

Remember the ultimate healing is in the heart. A heart turned to Christ, is a body eternally healed. This life is temporary, no matter the trial, keep your eyes on True North!

GOD is GOOD!!!

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