God is Good

I have recently been very convicted by the Lord to write. I Love to write it has always been a great release for me. Ninety nine percent of what I have written has never been read by anyone and I’m not sure any of this will be read either, none the less, God has put it on my heart to write. I figure since I will be typing it anyway I might as well do what everyone else is doing and start a blog so that if by chance somebody reads it, they might be blessed by my simple words.

I Love the Lord, he has patiently been loving me and guiding me for the past 25 or so years regardless of my state of commitment he has never left me to walk alone. To me that is one of the greatest mysteries about God, His unending patience, it makes no sense that he would put up with us. Some day I will write more about that but for now I just want to introduce myself to anyone that might accidentally find themselves on this web page.

My name is Ralph, Hello Everyone, I am 48 as of the 20th and like I said I have been a Christian since I was 21. I have been married to the same awesome and beautiful wife, my best friend, Pricella for 27 years. We have been Blessed with three of the most amazing children, two additional sons that chose to marry my daughters, and the most precious of all my three grand babies. I can honestly say I am the richest man in the world!

I do not know what this is going to look like as time goes by, fortunately God does. My prayer and passion is that if someone needs to read what I write the Spirit will guide them here and if this is just all for my need to write down what God put’s on my heart than that is good also.

Indeed GOD IS GOOD!!!!



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