Christian on a Caveman diet?

Most of you have no idea what I am talking about by my title unless you are part of the Paleo Diet crowd. About a year ago I got tired of being fat, out of shape and unhealthy so I made a pretty drastic lifestyle change. My son had mentioned this diet that his fire fighter buddies were doing called the Paleo or Caveman diet. I looked it up and was impressed with the science behind the nutrition and fitness aspect. Unfortunately for me as a Christian it was hard to swallow the evolutionary logic behind their plan. They believe that as man evolved over the past millennia or two our bodies have adjusted to a certain digestive and  exercise process that will keep us in a healthy state. The biggest problem I had with this is I don’t believe we started out as a glop of gue in a primordial puddle of muck, but that’s just my opinion.

Basically what you have after you strip away the evolution nonsense is a very effective low carb high protein diet with an exercise plan that doesn’t do more harm than good to your body. I will share some more specifics about the diet and exercise over the next weeks but for now I want to share how it worked for me. The first thing I did was cut out all breads and dairy and increased my input of protien (fish, chicken, lean red meat, nuts, eggs) and started consuming lots of vebetables and fruits. For the first two months I lost about a pound every two days, yes I lost almost 30 pounds in a little over two months. I attribute that mostly too knocking out the breads and pasta not an easy task, I like my sour dough, but after the first month or so the cravings went away. The dairy was an odd one for me because being raised on a ranch I have always consumed mass quantities of milk. I had no idea that it might be a problem. Within days of no cheese and dairy my stomach, which I’ve always had indigestion and acid reflux, felt 100% better. I had no idea I was lactose intolerant and had been torturing myself for years. Along with the diet I increased my exercise, nothing hard core, but consistant low impact weight training with a little cardio. I can walk to the mail box without being winded Yeah!!! I wasn’t quite that bad but I do feel so much better. I kind of slipped into bad habits over the holidays, who doesn’t, paid the price (started feeling like crap again!) and now I am getting back into a more disciplined routine again.

I work in healthcare, there are alot of people who are way to young to be so unhealthy, I saw what I didn’t want to happen to me so I am doing something about it. There is so much about life that is to important to miss because your unwilling to take care of yourself. Since I have started this diet I have gotten very interested in health and nutrition. I am by no means an expert but I do want to share the things I’ve learned to maybe help someone else change their lifestyle and future for the better.

I don’t believe in the evolutionary explanation behind the Paleo diet, but I do believe our bodies weren’t designed (by GOD) to eat the terrible stuff that makes up today’s standard diet. The science behind how our body processes food still works regardless of your believe system. I hope these posts are interesting if not beneficial to you. Like I said I Love this stuff so if you have specific questions about diet, nutrition or fitness post a comment and I’ll see what I can figure out.

My next post on nutrition will look deeper into why glutten and whole grains are so hard on our digestion and metabolism.

Be Healthy!!!

GOD is GOOD!!!!